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April 14, 2024
Food And Beverage
AEDΒ 1,000 - AEDΒ 10,000

Job description

"Biker 🚨 **#Urgent Hiring: Biker Position Available** 🚨

🏒 **We are hiring a biker for one of our esteemed clients.**

πŸ“œ **License Required:** No. 01  
πŸ“ **Location:** Sharjah, UAE  
πŸ•’ **Experience:** Minimum 2 to 3 years as a biker in the UAE  
πŸ—£ **Requirements:** Must possess excellent communication skills  

**Responsibilities & Qualifications:**  
- 🏍️ Safe operation of motorcycles for deliveries or transportation purposes  
- πŸ—ΊοΈ Navigational knowledge of Sharjah and surrounding areas  
- πŸ“¦ Timely and efficient delivery of items, adhering to schedules and routes  
- πŸ“² Effective communication with dispatch and customers to ensure a seamless delivery experience  
- πŸ›  Basic maintenance and care for the motorcycle, ensuring it is in good working condition  
- πŸ“‘ Compliance with all traffic laws and regulations in the UAE  

- πŸ—£ Fluent in English and/or Arabic for clear communication  
- πŸ›£ Knowledge of traffic patterns and shortcuts in Sharjah  
- 🀝 Excellent customer service skills, ensuring customer satisfaction with delivery services  
- πŸ”„ Ability to problem-solve and make decisions quickly while on the road  

πŸ“§ **To Apply:**  
Send your CV with ""BIKER"" in the subject line. Make sure your CV highlights your biking experience, communication skills, and knowledge of the Sharjah area.

**Don't miss this opportunity to join a dynamic team and showcase your biking skills and professionalism. Apply now!**

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