UAE School Age Requirements 2024: Enrollment Guide for Parents

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Learn the official age requirements for enrolling your child in UAE schools for 2024. Understand how different academic calendars affect enrollment ages.

Key Points:

  • UAE follows Ministry of Education Resolution No. 24 (2021) for school age requirements
  • Age limits vary based on curriculum and academic year start date (September or April)

Minimum Age Requirements


  • September start: 3 years old by August 31
  • April start: 3 years old by March 31


  • September start:
    • FS2/KG1: 4 years old by August 31
    • Year 1/KG2: 5 years old by August 31
  • April start:
    • KG1: 4 years old by March 31
    • KG2: 5 years old by March 31

Primary/Elementary School

  • September start: Grade 1/Year 2 – 6 years old by August 31
  • April start: Grade 1 – 6 years old by March 31

Online Age Calculators

Many UAE private schools offer online age calculators to help parents determine eligible grade/year groups based on:

  • Child’s date of birth
  • Academic year of enrollment

These tools simplify the admissions process for parents, ensuring children are placed in the appropriate grade level according to UAE regulations.

By understanding these age requirements, parents can better prepare for their child’s educational journey in the UAE school system.

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