UAE Private Tuition Rules: How to Apply for Free Permit

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Learn how to legally offer private tuition in the UAE with the new ‘Private Teacher Work Permit’. Find out who’s eligible, required documents, and application process.

Key Points:

  • Free permit available for private tutors
  • Covers both online and in-person tuition
  • Valid for 2 years
  • No limit on number of students

Who Can Apply?

  1. Registered teachers in government or private schools
  2. Government and private sector employees
  3. Unemployed individuals
  4. School students aged 15-18
  5. University students

Required Documents

Documents vary by category. Common requirements include:

  • Academic certificates
  • Good conduct certificate
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Valid ID (passport/residence visa/Emirates ID)
  • Clear photo with white background

Additional documents for specific categories:

  • NOC from employer/guardian
  • Experience certificates
  • Proof of enrollment (for students)

Application Process

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter Emirates ID and verify with OTP
  3. Select appropriate category
  4. Upload required documents
  5. Sign and upload Code of Conduct
  6. Submit application

Processing time: 5 working days

Important Notes

  • Permit valid for 2 years
  • Can work from home country if UAE visa is valid
  • Reapplication possible after 6 months if denied

For support, contact MOHRE at or call 600 590000.

This new permit system aims to regulate private tuition in the UAE, providing a legal framework for tutors while ensuring quality education for students.

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