UAE Employee Rights: Repatriation and Annual Flight Tickets Upon Resignation [2024 Guide]

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UAE labor law mandates that employers cover repatriation costs for their employees, but there are exceptions to this rule. Understanding your rights regarding repatriation costs can help you navigate job transitions more effectively.

Legal Basis

Article 13(12) of UAE Labour Law – Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021

Key Points:

  1. Employers must bear repatriation costs to the worker’s point of hire or mutually agreed location.
  2. Exceptions:
    • Employee joins another employer
    • Employment contract is terminated due to reasons attributable to the worker

Expert Insight

Bhavika Hotwani, Elnaggar & Partners: “In case of resignation, employees are generally not entitled to a repatriation ticket unless specified otherwise in their employment contract.”

Annual Flight Ticket Entitlement

Legal Basis

Not explicitly mentioned in UAE Labour Law, but can be part of employment contract terms.

Key Considerations:

  1. Entitlement based on contract terms
  2. Usually provided upon completion of one year of service
  3. May be pro-rated if employment ends mid-year

Expert Advice

“If you’ve completed a year of service, you’re entitled to receive your annual flight ticket as per your contract terms. Discuss this with your employer.”

Important Factors to Consider

  1. Contract Terms: Always refer to your specific employment contract
  2. Length of Service: Affects eligibility for annual tickets
  3. Reason for Contract Termination: Impacts repatriation ticket entitlement
  4. Joining Another Employer: May affect repatriation ticket eligibility
  5. Gardening Leave: Doesn’t typically affect entitlements earned before resignation

Steps to Take

  1. Review your employment contract carefully
  2. Calculate your exact length of service
  3. Discuss entitlements with HR or management
  4. If disputes arise, consider seeking legal advice
  5. Keep all relevant documentation (contract, correspondence, etc.)

Additional Notes

  • Some companies may offer pro-rated ticket allowances
  • End-of-service benefits are separate from ticket entitlements
  • Always get any agreements in writing

Understanding these rights helps employees navigate their entitlements when resigning from a job in the UAE. Always refer to your specific contract and seek professional advice if needed.

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