UAE Business Age Requirements: How Old to Start a Company in 2024?

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Learn about the minimum age to start a business or crowdfund in the UAE. Understand legal requirements and options for young entrepreneurs.

Key Points:

  • Legal age to start a business reduced to 18 years
  • Some restrictions still apply for 18-20 year olds
  • Options available for minors under 18
  • Crowdfunding age limits vary by platform

Legal Age to Start a Business in UAE

  • Now 18 years old (reduced from 21)
  • Some limitations for 18-20 year olds on contracts and power of attorney

Options for Minors Under 18

  • Can engage in trade from age 15 with approvals
  • Guardian approval needed for bank accounts, employment
  • Court approval for property transactions

Crowdfunding Age Requirements

  • Varies by platform
  • Dubai Next: From age 12 with parental approval
  • Check platform terms and conditions

Legal Age for Crowdfunding by Jurisdiction

  • UAE mainland: 18 years (15+ with court approval)
  • DIFC and ADGM free zones: 18 years

Expert Insights

Ludmila Yamalova, HPL Yamalova and Plewka DMCC: “Individuals aged 18 and older can now establish, own, operate, and manage businesses in the UAE.”

Lien Haroun, Mahmood Hussain Advocates and Legal Consultancy: “Most crowdfunding operators specify minimum legal age in their terms and conditions.”

Understanding these regulations helps young entrepreneurs navigate business opportunities in the UAE effectively.

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