UAE Annual Leave Entitlements: Comprehensive Guide [2024]

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The UAE Labour Law specifies clear annual leave entitlements for workers, even those who haven’t completed a full year of service. Understanding these rights is crucial for both employers and employees.

Key Annual Leave Regulations in the UAE

  1. Workers earn leave after six months of continuous service
  2. Leave duration varies based on employment length
  3. Part-time employees receive pro-rated leave
  4. Employers can schedule leave dates with one month’s notice
  5. Unused leave may be carried over or paid out under certain conditions

Annual Leave Entitlements Breakdown

For New Employees (Less Than One Year)

  • 2 days of leave per month after completing 6 months of service

For Established Employees (One Year or More)

  • 30 days of paid annual leave per year

For Departing Employees

  • Entitled to leave for the fraction of the last year worked

Part-Time Worker Annual Leave Entitlements

Part-time employees’ annual leave is calculated based on actual hours worked. Employment contracts should clearly specify these details.

Annual Leave During Probation

  • Employers may grant leave from the annual balance during probation
  • Workers retain the right to compensation for unused leave if probation isn’t completed successfully

Using Your Annual Leave Entitlements

  1. Ideally, use leave in the year it’s earned
  2. Employers can set leave dates based on work requirements
  3. Workers must receive at least one month’s notice of scheduled leave
  4. Carrying over leave to the next year requires employer consent

Public Holidays and Annual Leave

Official holidays during annual leave count as part of the leave period, unless specified otherwise in the employment contract or company policy.

Restrictions on Preventing Leave Usage

Employers cannot prevent workers from using accrued leave for more than two years, except when the worker chooses to carry over or be paid for leave as per company policy.

Payment for Unused Annual Leave

When leaving employment, workers are entitled to payment for unused leave, calculated based on their basic wage. This includes payment for fractional periods of the last year worked.

Key Considerations for UAE Annual Leave

  1. Leave entitlements are a legal right in the UAE
  2. Employers must maintain accurate leave records
  3. Workers should plan leave in advance when possible
  4. Dispute resolution mechanisms are available if leave rights are violated

Understanding these UAE annual leave regulations helps both employers and employees navigate leave entitlements effectively, ensuring compliance with labor laws and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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