UAE Travelling with Pets: A Comprehensive Relocation Guide for 2024

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Planning to leave the UAE with your furry friend? UAE travelling with pets requires careful preparation and understanding of regulations. This guide will help you navigate the process of relocating your pet from the Emirates.

Essential Steps for UAE Travelling with Pets

1. Start Early

Begin your UAE pet travelling preparations well in advance. Tim Nanjappa, Global Relocations Account Manager for Dubai Kennels and Cattery, advises, “Get in touch with experts who know the processes and take action accordingly. Don’t leave it until the last moment.”

2. Choose Your Relocation Method

When planning for UAE travelling with pets, consider these options:

  1. Cargo Companies: Inquire about live animal transfers
  2. Airlines: Check pet transport regulations directly
  3. Veterinary Clinics: Some offer pet relocation services

3. Gather Required Documents

For UAE travelling with pets, you’ll need:

  1. Pet Passport/Vaccination Card
  2. Import Permit/Health Certificate from MOCCAE
  3. IATA-compliant Carry Cage

4. Microchip and Register Your Pet

Ensure your pet is microchipped and registered with the Emirate’s municipality before UAE travelling.

5. Obtain Health Certificate and Export Permit

Apply online through the MOCCAE website for these crucial documents.

UAE Travelling with Pets: Transportation Options

  1. In-Cabin Travel: Limited to falcons and guide dogs on most UAE flights
  2. Checked Baggage: Subject to airline and country regulations
  3. Cargo: More expensive but often necessary option

Preparing Your Pet for UAE Travel

  • Provide a deep water bowl for hydration
  • Avoid feeding your pet a few hours before travel
  • Use an IATA-compliant pet crate
  • Acclimatize your pet to the carry cage beforehand

Safety Precautions for UAE Pet Travelling

  • Visit your vet for a pre-travel health check
  • Avoid connecting flights to reduce stress
  • Consider weather conditions when planning your trip

By following this guide for UAE travelling with pets, you can ensure a smooth and safe relocation for your furry companion. Remember to check with relevant authorities and your airline for the most up-to-date information on pet travel regulations.

For more information on UAE travel regulations, visit the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment website.

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