UAE End-of-Service Dues: How to Claim Unpaid Amounts (2024 Guide)

Flowchart illustrating the process for claiming UAE end-of-service dues in free zones and mainland, including the new MOHRE fast-track process for 2024

Understanding how to claim unpaid end-of-service dues is crucial for employees in the UAE, especially those working in free zones. This comprehensive guide outlines the process for both free zone and mainland employees, highlighting the new streamlined procedures for 2024. Understanding UAE End-of-Service Dues Claims Before diving into the claim process, it’s important to know … Read more

UAE Labour Law: 7 Rights When You’re Fired [2024 Guide]

Understand your rights under UAE Labour Law when facing job termination. Learn about notice periods, final settlements, and transitional support. Key Rights for Terminated Employees: This guide helps UAE employees navigate job loss, ensuring they receive all entitlements and support during the transition period. Further Reading If you’re interested in learning more about UAE Labor … Read more