How to Resolve UAE Visa Issues

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Facing problems with your UAE visa, Emirates ID, or immigration fines? Learn how to raise an official complaint online through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) ‘Customer Voice Gateway‘ platform and resolve any issues.

What is the Customer Voice Gateway?

The Customer Voice Gateway is an online system that allows users to:

  • Submit complaints about visa and Emirates ID issues
  • Track the status of their complaints
  • Receive updates on actions taken

Services You Can Access

  1. Absconding report withdrawal
  2. Residency visa renewal or issuance
  3. Humanitarian cases
  4. Refund requests
  5. Changing residency permit status
  6. Leave permit issuance
  7. Emirates ID updates and renewals
  8. Visa extensions
  9. Fine-related issues
  10. Golden Visa applications
  11. Lost/damaged residence permits or entry permits
  12. Establishment card services
  13. Sponsorship file management

How to File a Complaint

Step 1: Visit the Website and Fill the Application

  • Go to
  • Click ‘Create a New Ticket’
  • Enter personal information
  • Select application type and relevant department
  • Choose complaint category and service type

Step 2: Provide Details and Documentation

  • Enter complaint details
  • Upload supporting documents (optional)
  • Select ‘Need call back’ if required

Step 3: Track Your Complaint

  • Receive email with complaint reference number
  • Use ‘Track Complaint’ feature on the website

Response Time

Expect an update on your complaint status within five working days.

This service provides a streamlined way for UAE residents and visitors to address issues related to visas, Emirates ID, and other immigration matters. By using the Customer Voice Gateway, you can ensure your concerns are heard and addressed by the relevant authorities efficiently.

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