7 Reasons for Travel Bans in the UAE

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Discover the common reasons why you might face a travel ban in the UAE, including visa issues, financial defaults, and legal disputes. Learn about administrative and legal travel restrictions.

Key Reasons for UAE Travel Bans

  1. Visa Overstay: Deportation leads to a re-entry ban
  2. Absconding Cases: Employers can file reports for unexplained absences
  3. Bank Loan Defaults: Bounced cheques or unpaid credit card dues
  4. Rental Disputes: Non-payment of rent or breach of tenancy contract
  5. Criminal Cases: Ongoing investigations or convictions
  6. Civil and Commercial Cases: Including company debts and custody disputes
  7. Standing as a Guarantor: Restrictions while guaranteeing for others

Expert Insights

Hari Wadhwana, OGH Legal: “A circular may be issued to prevent travel after a criminal complaint is registered, until the case is settled and the verdict implemented.”

Mohamed Elmasry, Alsuwaidi and Company: “UAE authorities issue travel ban decisions to all border crossings, not requiring physical possession of passports due to online records.”

Important Notes

  • Travel bans can be administrative or legal
  • Bans may prevent entry, exit, or both
  • Some bans are temporary, others long-term
  • Resolution often requires settling the underlying issue

Understanding these potential causes of travel bans is crucial for expatriates and visitors in the UAE. Always ensure compliance with visa regulations, financial obligations, and legal requirements to avoid travel restrictions.

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