How to Report Lost Items in Dubai Taxis: Complete Guide [2024]

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Learn the easy process to recover items left behind in Dubai taxis. Follow this step-by-step guide to file a ‘Lost and Found’ report using the S’hail app.

Quick Facts:

  • RTA claims a “99.9 per cent” chance of recovering forgotten items
  • Items from glasses to diamonds worth Dh1 million have been returned

Step-by-Step Guide to Report Lost Items

  1. Download the ‘S’hail’ app (available for Apple, Android, and Huawei)
  2. Open app and tap ‘more’ icon in bottom left corner
  3. Scroll to ‘feedback’ category
  4. Enter mobile number and email address
  5. Select ‘Taxi Lost and Found’ from dropdown menu
  6. Describe lost item and provide trip details (route, date, time)
  7. Tap ‘Send Feedback’
  8. Receive SMS with tracking number

What Happens Next?

  • You’ll receive an SMS when the item is found
  • The SMS will include the taxi driver’s mobile number
  • Driver will return item to your location or a meeting point


  • Official follow-up period: 10 days
  • Many customers report receiving items within hours or days

By using this process, Dubai residents and visitors can efficiently report and recover items left in taxis, thanks to the city’s robust lost and found system.

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