Dubai Departure Checklist: 8 Essential Tasks Before Leaving UAE

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Are you preparing to bid farewell to Dubai? Our comprehensive Dubai departure checklist ensures you complete all necessary tasks before your UAE exit. From visa cancellations to selling your car, this guide covers everything you need for a smooth transition.

Your Essential Dubai Departure Checklist

1. Cancel Your Residence Visa

Initiating your Dubai departure process starts with visa cancellation:

  • Employed individuals: Your company handles the cancellation
  • Sign a letter confirming receipt of salary and end-of-service benefits
  • Cancel visas for any family members you sponsor

2. Terminate Your Rent Contract

Next on your Dubai departure checklist:

  • Align contract expiry with your move date if possible
  • Negotiate early termination with your landlord if needed
  • Officially cancel your Ejari or tenancy contract on the Dubai Land Department website

3. Settle Utility Bills and Disconnect Services

Before leaving Dubai:

  • Pay your final DEWA bill
  • Apply for service disconnection online or via the DEWA app

4. Clear All Fines and Debts

Crucial for your Dubai departure:

  • Check for outstanding fines on the Dubai Police website
  • Pay off all debts and obtain a clearance letter

5. Close Bank Accounts and Cancel Credit Cards

Financial tasks on your Dubai departure checklist:

  • Close your bank account
  • Cancel credit cards
  • Clear any loans
  • Obtain an official ‘closure’ letter

6. Cancel Mobile Plans

Don’t forget to terminate your postpaid mobile plan to avoid future bills.

7. Arrange Shipments and Pet Relocation

Prepare for your physical move:

  • Decide what to keep, sell, or donate
  • Research pet relocation services if needed

8. Sell Your Car and Unwanted Items

Final steps on your Dubai departure checklist:

  • Sell your car and transfer registration
  • Sell or donate unwanted furniture and items

Key Takeaways for Your Dubai Departure

  • Start your Dubai departure process early to avoid stress
  • Use this checklist to track your progress
  • Cancel all contracts and services to prevent unexpected bills
  • Consider pet relocation services if applicable
  • Sell items you won’t need in your new location

By following this comprehensive Dubai departure checklist, you’ll ensure a smooth transition as you leave the UAE. For more information on exiting Dubai, visit the official Dubai Government portal.

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