KHDA Transfer Certificate: How to Obtain When Changing Schools in Dubai [2024]

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Learn the fast and easy process to get a KHDA transfer certificate when moving schools in Dubai. Discover application steps, costs, and importance.

What is a KHDA Transfer Certificate?

  • Required for transferring schools within UAE or relocating abroad
  • Contains student details, enrollment dates, curriculum, and grade information

How to Apply for KHDA Transfer Certificate

  1. Contact your child’s school administration
  2. School applies on your behalf via KHDA smart services
  3. KHDA issues attested certificate
  4. Receive email notification and pay fees
  5. Get certificate with ‘smart attestation’ QR code

Key Information

  • Cost: Dh120 plus 5% VAT
  • Processing time: One working day
  • Parent responsibility to provide to new school
  • Current school issues after fee settlement

Additional Required Document

  • Academic history certificate (‘To whom it may concern’)
  • Apply online through DubaiNow app

Why It’s Important

  • Proves years of study in Dubai
  • Essential for new school enrollment process
  • Required for transfers within UAE and international moves

By following this guide, parents can easily obtain the necessary KHDA transfer certificate when changing schools in Dubai, ensuring a smooth transition for their children’s education.

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