Comprehensive Guide to Freelance Options in the UAE [2024]

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Types of Freelance Permits

  1. Free Zone Freelance Permits
  2. Mainland Freelance Permits (e.g. Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development)
  3. Sole Proprietorship Licenses (offered by some free zones)

Key Differences Between Permits and Business Licenses

  • Freelance permits allow work under personal name
  • Business licenses allow work under company name
  • Different client restrictions and operational scopes

Limitations of Freelance Permits

  1. Limited to specific free zones or economic areas
  2. Cannot work with mainland companies for physical services
  3. Cannot be hired by individuals, only companies
  4. Visa costs not included in permit fees

When Freelance Permits Make Sense

  • For professionals in media, technology, and education
  • Those with established client networks
  • People seeking flexible work arrangements
  • Short-term contractors or those pursuing side hustles

Application Process

  • Create a business plan (required by some free zones)
  • Choose appropriate economic activities
  • Submit required documents
  • Pay applicable fees

Freelance Permit Options in UAE

  1. Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development
    • Cost: Dh530
    • Validity: 2 years
  2. (TECOM)
    • Cost: Dh7,500
    • Validity: 1 year
  3. Abu Dhabi’s twofour54
    • Cost: From Dh4,500 (first 2 years free)
    • Validity: 1 year
  4. Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone (RAKEZ)
    • Cost: Dh6,100
    • Validity: 1 year
  5. Ajman Free Zone
    • Cost: Dh6,000
    • Validity: 1 year
  6. Fujairah Creative City
    • Cost: Dh11,000
    • Validity: 2 years

Important Considerations

  • Visa requirements and costs
  • Health insurance
  • Emirates ID
  • Specific free zone regulations
  • Client restrictions based on permit type

Expert Advice

Paul Prendergast, Creative Zone: “A freelancer permit allows an individual to conduct listed commercial business activities in free zones under their own name.”

Paul Bryson, Virtuzone: “Under the freelance work permit, you are only allowed to engage with companies within that free zone, not with the general public.”

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of freelance options in the UAE, helping professionals make informed decisions about their freelance careers. Always consult with legal and business experts for the most up-to-date information and advice tailored to your specific situation.

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