Dubai: Visas for Indians Guide [2024]

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Dubai welcomed at least two million Indian tourists between January to October 2023, making them the highest number of international guests in Dubai, according to Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). If you plan to visit Dubai from India anytime soon, it is essential to know about all your visa options.

Types of Dubai Visas for Indians

1. Dubai Tourist Visa for Indians

If you are traveling to Dubai for leisure, you can apply for a tourist visa. There are two types of tourist visas:

  • 30-day single-entry visa
  • 60-day single-entry visa

You can also opt for a multiple-entry tourist visa for 30 or 60 days.

2. Express and Instant Visa Options

If you want to travel urgently, you can opt for an express visa (processed within 24 hours) or an instant visa (processed within three hours) from travel agents.

Cost of Dubai Express Visa for Indians:

  • 30-day single-entry visa for approximately INR8,000 (Dh354.54)
  • 60-day single-entry visa for approximately INR13,000 (Dh576.12)

Cost of Dubai Instant Visa for Indians:

  • 30-day single-entry visa for approximately INR10,000 (Dh443.17)
  • 60-day single-entry visa for approximately INR15,500 (Dh664.75)

3. Dubai Visa on Arrival for Indians

Indian citizens with a valid six-month US visa, US Green Card, EU Residency, or UK Residency are eligible for a visa on arrival in the UAE.

4. Dubai Transit Visa for Indians

Indian passport holders transiting from Dubai must apply for a transit visa if they plan to stay at the airport for more than four hours. This can be done through the airline you are traveling with.

5. Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

You can also apply for a five-year entry permit that allows you to enter the UAE multiple times a year and stay in the country for up to 180 days without a sponsor.

Dubai Travel Requirements

To apply for a Dubai visa, all Indian nationals need to submit the following documents with their visa application:

  • Passport with minimum validity of six months
  • Passport size photograph with a white background
  • Round-trip flight tickets
  • Valid travel insurance

Key Takeaway:

Before planning your trip to Dubai, make sure you have a clear understanding of the different visa options and requirements. This comprehensive guide should help you navigate the process smoothly and ensure a hassle-free trip to Dubai.

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