Dubai Taxi Fares Guide 2024: How to Save Money on Your Rides

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 by Vadim

Understanding Dubai’s taxi fare structure can help you save money and make informed decisions about your rides. Learn about base fares, per-kilometer rates, and additional charges that affect your final bill.

Key Factors Affecting Dubai Taxi Fares

  1. Hailing method (street vs. app)
  2. Pick-up location
  3. Route taken
  4. Time of day
  5. Special events

Breakdown of Dubai Taxi Fares

1. Base Fare (Flag Down Rate)

  • RTA Smart Mobile Application (S’hail): Dh12
  • RTA Partner Mobile Application (Careem): Dh12
  • Street hail:
    • Daytime: Dh5
    • Nighttime: Dh5.50
  • Airport taxi: Dh25
  • Hatta taxi (7-seater): Dh25
  • Ladies taxi: Dh6 (Dh7 after 10pm)
  • Special needs taxi: Varies by location and time
  • Popular locations/events: Dh20 (dynamic pricing)

2. Per Kilometer Rate

Current rate: Dh2.21 (subject to change based on fuel prices)

3. Waiting Charges

50 fils per minute for traffic or requested stops

4. Peak Time Surcharges

Applied during high-demand periods on ride-hailing apps

5. Road Tolls

Salik or Darb charges may be added based on route

6. Inter-Emirate Journey Fee

Dh20 extra for trips from Dubai to other emirates

By understanding these fare components, you can make smarter choices about when and how to use taxis in Dubai, potentially saving money on your rides.

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