Dubai Rent Security Deposits: How Much and Can You Negotiate?

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Discover the standard security deposit amounts for renting in Dubai, whether you can negotiate, and how to get your deposit back. Expert insights from real estate professionals included.

Key Points on Dubai Rental Security Deposits

  • Dubai Rental Law allows landlords to charge a security deposit but doesn’t specify the amount
  • Industry standard: 5% of annual rent for unfurnished units, 10% for furnished
  • Deposits can be negotiated based on property condition and furnishings
  • Amount should be clearly stated in the Ejari (tenancy contract)

Expert Insights

Rupert Simmonds, Betterhomes: “The industry standard is 5% for unfurnished and 10% for furnished units, though this can change by mutual agreement.”

Jake Walton, Haus and Haus Real Estate: “Deposits may be negotiated, especially for luxury or upgraded properties. You’ll get this back when returning the property undamaged.”

Negotiating Your Security Deposit

  • Higher deposits may be requested for luxury interiors or recent upgrades
  • Negotiate through your broker if the requested amount exceeds the norm
  • Remember: You’ll receive the deposit back if no damages occur

Getting Your Deposit Back

  1. Settle all final bills (utilities, cooling, etc.)
  2. Return access cards and keys
  3. Complete property handover and inspection
  4. Receive refund via cheque, cash, or bank deposit

Understanding Dubai’s rental security deposit norms helps tenants prepare financially and negotiate effectively. Always ensure the deposit amount is clearly stated in your tenancy contract for future reference.

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