Dubai Driving Licence Renewal Guide

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Learn when you can renew your Dubai driving licence, understand grace periods, and avoid fines for late renewal. Essential information for UAE drivers.

Early Renewal Options

  • Age 21 and above: Renew up to one year before expiry
  • Under 21: Renew one month before expiry

Grace Period

  • One month after expiry date without incurring fines

Fines for Late Renewal

  • Dh10 per month from expiration date
  • Maximum fine: Dh500

New Licence Validity

  • Calculated from the date of application
  • UAE and GCC citizens: 10-year validity
  • Residents: 5-year validity

Key Points to Remember

  1. Check your age for early renewal eligibility
  2. Mark your calendar for the one-month grace period
  3. Renew promptly to avoid accumulating fines
  4. New validity starts from renewal application date, not expiry date

By understanding these rules, Dubai residents can efficiently manage their driving licence renewals, avoiding unnecessary fines and ensuring continuous legal driving status.

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