How to Find the Cheapest All-Day Parking in Dubai

Last Updated on July 9, 2024 by Vadim

Discover how to locate and pay for affordable 24-hour parking in Dubai for just Dh10. Learn to use mobile apps to find the best parking zones without leaving your car.

Finding Affordable All-Day Parking in Dubai

Use these apps to locate Zone D parking, which offers 14-hour parking for Dh10:

DubaiNow App Method

  1. Open DubaiNow app and log in with UAE Pass
  2. Tap ‘Driving’ > ‘Parking’
  3. Allow location access
  4. Look for Zone D on the map
  5. Pay via credit card, Apple Pay, or SMS (30 fils extra charge)

RTA Dubai App Method

  1. Open RTA Dubai app and log in
  2. Click ‘Parking’ on dashboard
  3. Allow location access
  4. Find Zone D on the map
  5. Pay via credit card, RTA wallet, or Apple Pay

Bonus: RTA app shows available spaces using AI prediction

Understanding Dubai Parking Zones

  • Zone D: Dh10 for 14 hours (8am to 10pm)
  • Located in designated parking plots
  • Ideal for all-day parking needs

Key Benefits

  • Save money on long-term parking
  • Avoid stress of renewing parking tickets
  • Easy to find using mobile apps
  • Pay conveniently through multiple methods

By using these apps and targeting Zone D parking areas, you can secure affordable all-day parking in Dubai without the hassle of constantly renewing short-term parking tickets.

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