Understanding Domestic Worker Protections in the UAE

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The UAE’s 2022 executive regulations safeguard domestic workers’ rights. These laws ensure clarity on contract terms, work nature, and compensation. But what about salary deductions? Let’s explore the rules. When Can Employers Deduct from Salaries? Employers may deduct wages under specific circumstances: Salary Suspension Rules Wages may be suspended: Key Rights for Domestic Workers Employer … Read more

UAE Annual Leave Entitlements: Comprehensive Guide [2024]

The UAE Labour Law specifies clear annual leave entitlements for workers, even those who haven’t completed a full year of service. Understanding these rights is crucial for both employers and employees. Key Annual Leave Regulations in the UAE Annual Leave Entitlements Breakdown For New Employees (Less Than One Year) For Established Employees (One Year or … Read more

Working in the UAE After 60: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

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Standard Retirement Age Options for Continuing to Work Legal Basis Process for Work Permit After 60 Dubai-Specific Retirement Visa Key Considerations This guide outlines the various pathways for individuals over 60 to continue working or residing in the UAE. Always consult with MOHRE or a legal professional for the most up-to-date information and personalized advice. … Read more

UAE: Working for Two Employers Simultaneously

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Introduction In the UAE, it is possible to work for two employers at the same time. This guide provides all the essential information about the UAE Labour Law provisions for part-time workers, the application process, and the legal requirements. Part-Time Contract System Since 2010, the UAE Labour Law has allowed employees to hold a part-time … Read more

UAE’s New Labour Complaints Process: Faster Resolutions for 2024

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Starting January 1, 2024, the UAE is implementing a new labour complaints process to resolve disputes more efficiently. This change, part of an amendment to the UAE’s Labour Law, significantly impacts how private sector workers and companies handle grievances. Key Changes in UAE Labour Complaints Process MOHRE’s Enhanced Authority Streamlined Resolution Steps Benefits of the … Read more

UAE Labour Law: Understanding Your Legal Entitlements and Benefits in 2024

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Navigating job transitions in the UAE can be challenging, but understanding your rights under UAE labour law can provide peace of mind. Let’s explore the key entitlements and benefits for workers in the Emirates. New Savings Scheme: Enhancing End-of-Service Benefits UAE labour law now offers private sector workers a voluntary alternative end-of-service benefits system. This … Read more

UAE Labour Law: Employers Must Pay Visa and Recruitment Costs

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Are you working in the United Arab Emirates and wondering about who should foot the bill for your visa and recruitment expenses? Let’s clear the air on this important topic that affects countless workers across the UAE. The Legal Landscape: What UAE Labor Law Says The UAE’s labor law is crystal clear on this matter. … Read more