UAE Job Termination: Employee Rights You Need to Know

When employers terminate your job in the UAE, you have specific rights that protect you. Understanding these UAE employee rights during job termination is crucial for navigating this challenging situation. The UAE Labour Law provides a robust framework to ensure fair treatment during dismissals, balancing both employee rights and employer interests. UAE Labour Law Protects … Read more

Abu Dhabi Boosts Family Support: 90-Day Maternity Leave and More for Emiratis

In a significant move to enhance family life and support Emirati citizens, Abu Dhabi has announced a suite of new initiatives. These measures, part of the Emirati Family Growth Support Programme, aim to provide comprehensive assistance from marriage through parenthood. Extended Maternity Leave: A Game-Changer for Working Moms The headline-grabbing change is the extension of … Read more

Jobs in Demand in Dubai in 2024

Dubai, known for its thriving lifestyle and booming economy, offers abundant job opportunities across various industries. This guide provides an in-depth look at the most in-demand jobs in Dubai for 2024, focusing on career prospects, salary ranges, and top companies hiring in each sector. Healthcare Professionals Dubai’s healthcare sector is growing rapidly due to its … Read more

Most Paid Jobs in Dubai 2024

uae most paid jobs

Dubai, renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and booming economy, offers some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. As we step into 2024, let’s explore the top high-paying jobs in Dubai across various industries. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the best career opportunities, salary expectations, and how to secure these lucrative positions. Introduction … Read more

Violations That Can Lead to Immediate Dismissal in UAE

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Overview The UAE Labour Law protects both employee and employer rights. Article 44 outlines specific violations that can result in immediate dismissal without prior notice. Key Points: 10 Violations Leading to Immediate Dismissal Important Considerations Preventive Measures for Employees Understanding these regulations helps both employers and employees maintain a fair and productive work environment. Further … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Applying for Government Jobs in UAE [2024]

Overview of UAE Government Employment Federal Government Job Portal Website: Federal Authority for Government Human Resources Registration Process: Key Federal Departments: Abu Dhabi Government Jobs For UAE Nationals: Website: TAMM Portal For Expatriates: Directly apply through government department career pages: Dubai Government Jobs Website: Registration Process: Sharjah Government Jobs For UAE Nationals: Website: Department … Read more

Working in the UAE After 60: A Comprehensive Guide [2024]

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Standard Retirement Age Options for Continuing to Work Legal Basis Process for Work Permit After 60 Dubai-Specific Retirement Visa Key Considerations This guide outlines the various pathways for individuals over 60 to continue working or residing in the UAE. Always consult with MOHRE or a legal professional for the most up-to-date information and personalized advice. … Read more

Comprehensive Guide to Freelance Options in the UAE [2024]

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Types of Freelance Permits Key Differences Between Permits and Business Licenses Limitations of Freelance Permits When Freelance Permits Make Sense Application Process Freelance Permit Options in UAE Important Considerations Expert Advice Paul Prendergast, Creative Zone: “A freelancer permit allows an individual to conduct listed commercial business activities in free zones under their own name.” Paul … Read more

9 Legal Ways to Earn a Side Income in the UAE: Comprehensive Guide [2024]

Looking to supplement your salary in the UAE? Discover nine legitimate methods to boost your income while staying compliant with local regulations. 1. Private Tutoring Recent changes have made it easier to offer private tuition services: 2. Short-Term Apartment Rentals Turn your home into a holiday rental when you’re away: 3. Apartment Subletting Sublet your … Read more

5 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid in UAE [2024 Expert Guide]

Learn why you’re not getting callbacks and how to improve your job search strategy in the UAE. Expert tips from recruitment professionals. Top 5 Job Hunting Mistakes Expert Insights Abdul-Rahman Risilia, ARC Talent: “Everything is digital and online. If your social profiles are not up to date, your cover letter is not going to get … Read more