How to Report Lost Items in Dubai Taxis: Complete Guide [2024]

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Learn the easy process to recover items left behind in Dubai taxis. Follow this step-by-step guide to file a ‘Lost and Found’ report using the S’hail app. Quick Facts: Step-by-Step Guide to Report Lost Items What Happens Next? Timeline By using this process, Dubai residents and visitors can efficiently report and recover items left in … Read more

Dubai Driving Licence Renewal Guide

Learn when you can renew your Dubai driving licence, understand grace periods, and avoid fines for late renewal. Essential information for UAE drivers. Early Renewal Options Grace Period Fines for Late Renewal New Licence Validity Key Points to Remember By understanding these rules, Dubai residents can efficiently manage their driving licence renewals, avoiding unnecessary fines … Read more

How to Contest a Traffic Fine in UAE: Complete Guide for 2024

Learn the process to appeal traffic tickets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other emirates. Find out how to dispute incorrectly issued fines through official channels. Abu Dhabi Dubai Note: This process is for traffic fines, not RTA parking or public transport violations. Sharjah Ajman Use Ajman Police app: Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, … Read more

How to Check a Used Car’s Accident History in UAE [2024 Guide]

Before buying a second-hand car in the UAE, it’s crucial to check its accident history. Learn three easy online methods to verify a vehicle’s past incidents using its chassis number. What is a Chassis Number (VIN)? The chassis number, or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), is a unique 17-digit code that reveals: Where to Find the … Read more

Guide to Ladies’ Taxis in UAE: Booking and Fares [2024]

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Discover how to easily book women-only taxis across the UAE. This comprehensive guide covers booking methods, fares, and unique features for each emirate. Abu Dhabi ‘Family Taxi’ Fares: Dubai ‘Pink Taxi’ Fares: Sharjah Ladies’ Taxi Ajman ‘Mahra Taxi’ Ras Al Khaimah Ladies’ Taxi Fares: This guide provides women with all the information needed to easily … Read more

Maximise Your Dubai Public Transport Trip: Single Trip Rules Explained

Learn how to save money on Dubai’s public transport by understanding zone-based fares and transfer rules. Discover how to combine Metro, bus, and abra trips without paying extra. Key Points: Dubai Public Transport Zones Zones Traveled Standard Fare One zone Dh3 Two zones Dh5 Multiple zones Dh7.50 Fares vary based on nol card type (Red, … Read more

How to Report a Minor Traffic Accident in Sharjah

Learn the easy steps to report a minor car accident in Sharjah using the new Rafid service or Sharjah Police options. Find out when to use each method and the costs involved. New Reporting Options for Minor Accidents in Sharjah What Qualifies as a Minor Accident? A minor accident is one where no one is … Read more

How to Find the Cheapest All-Day Parking in Dubai

Discover how to locate and pay for affordable 24-hour parking in Dubai for just Dh10. Learn to use mobile apps to find the best parking zones without leaving your car. Finding Affordable All-Day Parking in Dubai Use these apps to locate Zone D parking, which offers 14-hour parking for Dh10: DubaiNow App Method RTA Dubai … Read more

Expert Guide: How to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying in UAE (2024)

Learn essential tips from auto care experts on how to thoroughly inspect a used car before purchasing in the UAE. Avoid common pitfalls and ensure you’re getting a reliable vehicle. Pre-Purchase Checklist Common Mistakes to Avoid Pre-Purchase Inspection: What to Expect A thorough inspection should cover: Expert Insights Mohammed Rakibul Islam, Profix Autocare: “First-time buyers … Read more