How to File an Insurance Complaint in the UAE

uar insurance claim

Learn how to raise a consumer complaint against insurance companies in the UAE using the Sanadak platform. This step-by-step guide helps you navigate the process for free dispute resolution. When Can You Use Sanadak? File a complaint if: Eligibility criteria: Step-by-Step Complaint Filing Process Follow-Up on Your Complaint Important Note The UAE Central Bank has … Read more

12 Essential Mortgage Questions to Ask Before Buying UAE Property

Planning to buy property in the UAE? Ensure you make informed decisions by asking these crucial mortgage questions recommended by the UAE Central Bank. Understanding Mortgages in the UAE A mortgage is a loan typically used to finance property purchases. The application process requires meeting specific criteria such as: Additionally, be aware of potential fees … Read more

How to Check if a Cheque Might Bounce

Learn how to use Al Etihad Credit Bureau’s (AECB) Cheque Score service to assess the risk of receiving a bad cheque in the UAE. This guide covers online and mobile app methods for checking cheque reliability. What is Cheque Score? How to Get a Cheque Score Via Website ( Via Mobile App (Chequescore): What Does … Read more