Dubai Companies Embrace Inclusive Hiring

hiring People of Determination dubai

Dubai’s corporate landscape is evolving, with both government agencies and private companies increasingly recognising the value of hiring people of determination (POD). These individuals bring unique perspectives and exceptional problem-solving skills to the workplace, contributing significantly to organisational success. Key Highlights: Success Stories Marwan Al Haj – DEWA Emirati Marwan Al Haj, an engineer at … Read more

UAE Heatwave: Mental Health Risks for Office Workers

As temperatures soar in the UAE, experts warn that even employees in air-conditioned offices may face heat-related health issues, particularly affecting mental well-being and productivity. Key Points: Heat’s Impact on Mental Health Dana Berri, psychologist at Aman Lil Afia Clinic, highlights: Recognizing Heat Stress Symptoms Dr. Aida Al Suhaimi, clinical psychologist at Medcare Kamali Clinic, … Read more

Very Good Schools in Dubai 2024: KHDA Rankings Revealed

dubai school 2024

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has recently unveiled its latest rankings for private schools in Dubai, highlighting institutions that have achieved the coveted “Very Good” rating. This comprehensive assessment provides valuable insights for parents and students alike, offering a clear picture of educational excellence across the emirate. Key Takeaways Understanding KHDA Ratings The … Read more

UAE Job Termination: Employee Rights You Need to Know

When employers terminate your job in the UAE, you have specific rights that protect you. Understanding these UAE employee rights during job termination is crucial for navigating this challenging situation. The UAE Labour Law provides a robust framework to ensure fair treatment during dismissals, balancing both employee rights and employer interests. UAE Labour Law Protects … Read more

UAE Visa & Emirates ID: 14 Violations with Fines Up to Dh20,000

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintains strict regulations regarding visas and identification documents for both citizens and expatriates. The Emirates ID, a mandatory identification card, is at the center of these regulations. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has outlined 14 specific violations related to Emirates ID and UAE … Read more

UAE Work-from-Home Policies: Balancing Equity for Working Parents

work from home mum uae

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has made significant strides in promoting gender equality and workforce diversity. As companies adapt to evolving workplace norms, a new question has emerged: Is it fair to offer work-from-home options exclusively to mothers with young children? This article explores the complexities of implementing such policies and their potential … Read more

UAE Green Jobs 2024: 60% Gen Z Seek Eco-Friendly Careers

uae green jobs 2024

The UAE green jobs market in 2024 is witnessing a significant shift as nearly 60% of Gen Z professionals express a strong desire for eco-friendly careers. This trend, revealed by recent LinkedIn research, highlights the growing importance of environmental considerations in shaping the future workforce of the UAE. UAE Green Jobs 2024: Gen Z’s Environmental … Read more

UAE Job Market 2024: 67% Employees Seek New Roles

The UAE job market 2024 is witnessing a significant transformation, with a staggering 67% of employees actively seeking new job opportunities. This trend, revealed by a recent survey conducted by global HR solutions firm Adecco, highlights the growing job mobility and employees’ willingness to explore fresh career paths in the region. UAE Job Market 2024: … Read more

UAE Worker Permit Cancellation: New 45-Second Process Revolutionizes HR Procedures

Infographic illustrating the streamlined 45-second UAE worker permit cancellation process and its benefits for employers and employees

The UAE has dramatically streamlined its worker permit cancellation process, reducing it to just 45 seconds. This significant upgrade, announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), aligns with the country’s Zero Government Bureaucracy Programme. Consequently, both employers and employees can expect a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Key Changes in UAE Worker … Read more

Abu Dhabi Boosts Family Support: 90-Day Maternity Leave and More for Emiratis

In a significant move to enhance family life and support Emirati citizens, Abu Dhabi has announced a suite of new initiatives. These measures, part of the Emirati Family Growth Support Programme, aim to provide comprehensive assistance from marriage through parenthood. Extended Maternity Leave: A Game-Changer for Working Moms The headline-grabbing change is the extension of … Read more