Abu Dhabi Boosts Family Support: 90-Day Maternity Leave and More for Emiratis

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In a significant move to enhance family life and support Emirati citizens, Abu Dhabi has announced a suite of new initiatives. These measures, part of the Emirati Family Growth Support Programme, aim to provide comprehensive assistance from marriage through parenthood.

Extended Maternity Leave: A Game-Changer for Working Moms

The headline-grabbing change is the extension of maternity leave to 90 days for Emirati women working in Abu Dhabi’s private sector. This aligns with the public sector policy, giving new mothers crucial time to bond with their newborns and recover postpartum.

Key points:

  • Previously, private sector maternity leave was typically 60 days (45 fully paid, 15 half-paid)
  • New policy grants 90 days of leave for Emirati women in private sector
  • Implemented by the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority

Beyond Maternity Leave: Comprehensive Family Support

The Department of Community Development (DCD) in Abu Dhabi has unveiled six initiatives to bolster Emirati families:

  1. Extended maternity leave (90 days for private sector Emirati employees)
  2. Home visit service for new mothers
  3. Marriage loan (interest-free financial advance for weddings)
  4. Rental assistance for newlyweds (4-year declining support)
  5. Extension of housing loan repayment period
  6. Partial loan deduction (based on number of children)

Financial Support for Growing Families

The initiatives offer significant financial relief:

  • Marriage loans: Interest-free advances for wedding expenses
  • Rental assistance: 4-year support for newlyweds, with incentives tied to childbirth
  • Loan deductions: Percentage reductions for families with 4+ children
  • Extended repayment: 3-year extension on housing loans for families with 4+ children

Timeline and Implementation

  • The Emirati Family Growth Support Programme will run for five years
  • Housing-related services will be available from September 2024
  • The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (Adha) will oversee housing initiatives

The Bigger Picture: Strengthening Emirati Society

Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili, chairman of DCD Abu Dhabi, emphasized the importance of these initiatives:

“Abu Dhabi has always been a city that supports children, empowers young people, and is family-friendly. We are dedicated to supporting parents and helping them overcome the challenges they face in raising their children, as the family is the fundamental building block for creating a responsible society.”

Looking Ahead

As Abu Dhabi implements these family-focused policies, it sets a new standard for supporting citizens through various life stages. The five-year programme will be closely monitored to assess its impact on Emirati families and society at large.

These initiatives reflect Abu Dhabi’s commitment to fostering strong family units, which are seen as crucial to the continued progress and preservation of national achievements in the UAE.

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