UAE Visa Forgery Penalties: 10-Year Jail Term Warning from Dubai Public Prosecution

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Dubai Public Prosecution has issued a stern warning about the severe UAE visa forgery penalties, including up to 10 years imprisonment for forging visas, residence permits, or related official documents. This guide outlines the legal consequences and expert insights on visa fraud in the UAE.

Understanding UAE Visa Forgery Penalties

Key Legal Consequences

  1. Up to 10 years imprisonment for forging visas or residence permits
  2. Equal punishment for knowingly using forged documents
  3. Mandatory deportation for foreign nationals convicted of forgery

Legal Framework Governing UAE Visa Forgery Penalties

Federal Decree Law No. 29 of 2021 on Entry and Residence of Foreigners

Article 24 outlines specific UAE visa forgery penalties:

  • 10-year maximum jail term for document forgery
  • Same punishment for using forged documents
  • Deportation of convicted foreigners

Federal Penal Code (Federal Decree Law No. 31 of 2021)

  • Article 251: Defines forgery as altering document truth
  • Article 252: Up to 10 years imprisonment for official document forgery
  • Article 126: Possible deportation for non-UAE nationals committing fraud

Types of Document Forgery Subject to UAE Visa Forgery Penalties

  1. Altering existing documents
  2. Using forged signatures, seals, or fingerprints
  3. Obtaining signatures fraudulently
  4. Creating fake documents
  5. Misusing blank signed papers
  6. False impersonation or identity change
  7. Altering truth in documents upon preparation

Expert Insights on UAE Visa Forgery Penalties

Mohamed Elmasry, Associate at Al Suwaidi and Company, states: “Article 24 adopts a zero-tolerance, punitive approach towards visa and residency fraud.”

Hari Wadhwana, Associate at OGH Legal, adds: “Forgery as a crime is recognized in the Federal Penal Code, with specific definitions and penalties.”

This warning underscores the UAE’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its immigration system and official documents. Residents and visitors must strictly adhere to legal procedures for visa and residency matters to avoid severe UAE visa forgery penalties.

For more information on UAE visa regulations, check our guide on UAE visa types and requirements.

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